Project Overview

In spite of its evolutionary significance, there are only limited polymorphism data and no genetic map available for our closest evolutionary relative. We have sequenced 10 Western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) to ~9X coverage using paired end sequencing with 50 bp reads. This resource, which is available for download over anonymous FTP from, is the first to document genome-wide sequence variation in the chimpanzee. It enables analyses of polymorphism patterns; inference of selection in the chimpanzee; genome-wide comparative study of human and chimpanzee diversity patterns; comparison of evolutionary patterns in particular genes of interest, for example those involved in immunity; the construction of fine-scale genetic maps and the detection of recombination hotspots; detection and analyses of copy number polymorphism in the chimpanzee; and improvement of the chimpanzee reference sequence.

For more information, contact Molly Przeworski at mfp at uchicago dot edu

Last updated November 28 2011

Principal Investigators

Peter Donnelly

Wellcome Trust for Human Genetics, University of Oxford

Gil McVean

University of Oxford

Molly Przeworski

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Chicago